Witch Baby (snorkack) wrote,
Witch Baby

The first half(ish) of 2012


DEPRESSION. LOTS OF HAPPINESS DESPITE THE DEPRESSION and if this sounds impossible to you god damn you have got lots to learn about depression (an aside, I'd really like to write about how depression actually works sometime because if there is one thing I have learned over the past few years it's that PEOPLE DO NOT UNDERSTAND IT AT ALL WOW). Spent lots of time indoors.

more of the same except at the end of the month I met Tim, a pal of mine I've known since 2006. He and I spent about a week and a half with my cousin Chris and his roommates and went to see Radiohead which was just about the best night of my life LOVE THOM YORKE FOREVER.

came home within the first week of March, fell back into the depression rut which was great. I mostly do not remember March. My dad and I went to an art gallery at one point though and that was really fun.

what happened in April aside from the Radiohead Coachella livestream fuck
oh I lost a good friend of mine THAT WAS FUN. To clarify she didn't die or anything we are just not friends anymore but I hope she is doing okay. Also lost another friend I guess as a result to the first one but honestly we hadn't been the same for years.

is this ALSO when my main group of friends online sort of disbanded because I think it is. BOY did that suck! Thanks a lot, lies.

Met Duckie and Eli!!! Duckie is one of my favorite people and I cried on the way home because I missed her a lot and OH YEAH WE FED GIRAFFES TOGETHER! We went to the Miami zoo and it was amazing and I have photographic proof that giraffes think I'm amazing.
Also went to see Beach House with my ex which was fantastic god damn dream pop sure is one of my favorite things!!!

There was another livestream of Radiohead. What else happened. OH I turned 21 and got my first ~legal drink~, it was a mojito and it was delicious.

TURNING POINT OF THE YEAR fuck I don't even know if I really want to write it all in this post just because it's so involved. Seriously the longest, most pivotal month of the year. I decided to say fuck you to depression and started meds even though it really broke me to "give in" because I was immature. My grams Irene had a heart attack in the first week of July and was rushed to the emergency room. My whole family, myself included, spent the rest of that month at the hospital basically. We might as well have slept there (and a few of us actually did most nights). I lost the ability to talk to anybody which really sucked and then my grandma died and I became really jaded with my family and I cuddled my dog a lot.

moved to North Carolina, reveled in newfound freedom, missed the hell out of my parents and dogs but mostly felt like I was free from my own brain for the first time in a while.

I think I'll finish the rest of this later yo
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