Witch Baby (snorkack) wrote,
Witch Baby

Let's try an undrunk post!!!

But only because I have to go to work in two and a half hours, let's be honest here. Also because it is 11:30 AM.

Anyway HEY I guess I mostly wanted to post about how my life is different now. LET'S CATCH UP THEN I GUESS???
January through July was still MAGICAL DEPRESSION HOUR so there is honestly not much to report. Spent an unacceptable amount of time indoors, an unacceptable amount of time in bed, an unacceptable amount of time yelling at myself to get out of bed. There were lots of highlights, though! But I would rather break down the entire year in separate entries because I've decided to stop giving a fuck about how I come off on my own personal blog and actually WRITE thing here. Yes.

IN SUMMATION, in 2012 I lost lots of things I cared about -- people, the last remaining bits of my faith, my pride in some ways, my sense of security, fifteen pounds (which I later gained back and lost and gained back and lost and so on, fuckin bodies are weird), and a lot of things precious to me. But I gained freedom and so far that has been the most valuable thing in my entire life. 2012 has really been one of, if not THE most important year of my life.

For reference though, I now live in North Carolina with my sister, am the POS Coordinator at a retail-ish store here, am 21 years old wooooo getting my drink on, and feel more like myself than I have in three years or so which is a GREAT feeling and yeah i'm bored of writing now
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